As a world leader in the development and manufacture of medical products, Medtronic designs products that will deliver the highest performance according to the needs of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. In addition, Medtronic’s top priority is to improve patient outcomes. 

Medtronic undertakes the task of producing and distributing surgical devices and consumables used in open and minimally invasive procedures of various surgical branches including metabolic, urology, general surgery, thoracic, gynecology, sports surgery, and hernia repair.

Medtronic offers unmatched clinical and economic value with the contribution of its decades of experience in respiratory care from advanced energy-based surgical devices.

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ClosureFast™ Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation Catheter

With its patented overlapping design, the ClosureFast procedure is the only RFA procedure with published long-term clinical data showing safety and efficacy with a 91.9% closure rate at 5 years.

EverFlex™ Protege Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System

Protege EverFlex is designed as a palliative treatment of malignant neoplasms in the bile.

Protégé™ RX Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System

The Protégé™ RX GPS™ self-expanding peripheral and carotid stent system should be selected for specific adaptation to the common iliac, external iliac, subclavian, common carotid or internal carotid arteries and carotid bifurcation during stenting procedures in straight or tapered models. Tantalum GPS™ marks feature increased visibility for precise positioning and result confirmation. 

The stent is indicated for use in occlusions, lesions at high risk of sudden closure or threat of closure following percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA), or lesions believed to be at high risk in terms of restenosis following PTA in the common iliac, external iliac, or subclavian arteries. Stenting aims to improve and maintain the arterial lumen diameter.

The registered EX.PRT™ release technology essentially eliminates premature deployment or skips. There is no stent shortening. It has a unique anatomically designed tapered stent for a better fit in the carotid bifurcation. It offers 0.014″ rapid exchange catheter with 6 F low crossing profile and flexible atraumatic tip. The radiopaque marking on the catheter clearly indicates the tapered position for precise positioning. ​Tantalum GPS™ marks increase visibility for precise positioning and result confirmation. The cell design generates an expansion force that resists compression, while providing excellent wall apposition. Straight and tapered options are available for a personalized fit to the carotid vessels.

Concerto™ Helix Detachable Coil System

The Concerto™ Helix and 3D split coil systems offer helical and complex options for peripheral embolization in diameters from 2 to 20 mm.

Concerto™3D Detachable Coil System

The Concerto split coil system is indicated for arterial and venous embolizations in the peripheral vasculature.

Abre™ venous self-expanding stent system

The Abre™ venous self-expanding stent system is designed for the unique challenges of venous disease. It offers easy insertion to allow doctors to focus on their patients and offers proven durability to give patients freedom of movement. 

Launcher™ Guide Catheter

The Launcher™ guide catheter offers a mix of flexibility, support and visualization. This is also the skill needed to respond to challenging cases. This advanced platform designed for multiple interventional approaches: 

  • Is designed for radial and femoral approaches.
  • The flexible distal segment allows to using the guide for backup support.
  • The Full Wall Technology structure provides bending resistance and stable torque control.
  • Supporting secondary curve for increased backup support and curve retention.
  • Big 6 FIS (0.071 inches) allows increased contrast flow for enhanced visualization.
  • Extensive collection of traditional and custom coronary curves is available.

DRESSING 400402 MEROCEL 20PK SRD NASAL 8 (to be deleted)

Purified air is used instead of pore-forming chemical additives to create the pores of the sponge material in the Merocel Standard Nasal Packing. Pore-forming chemical additives, such as starch/sulfate combinations, cannot be completely removed from the finished product. Merocel PVA sponge material has 100% open pores in a structure that does not have dead-end pockets that hold residues. – This contributes to very effective purification and results in low extractable residues. Merocel PVA has gamma irradiation to destroy mold spores and other microorganisms that cause contamination in the final product. Merocel nasal wrap is highly absorbent, up to 21 times its weight in liquid. Merocel nasal wrap is highly absorbent, up to 21 times its weight in liquid. The biocompatible product has high purity and excellent wet state flexibility. The dressing is resistant to many chemicals, durable and long lasting. This X-ray detectable dressing is used to control pore size ranges from 0.0001 mm to 0.2 mm. The 100% fiber-free nose wrap is soft and compressible for easy insertion.

Nautilus ECMO Oxygenator with Balance™ Biosurface – Ecmo Oxygenator (to be deleted)

The Nautilus ECMO Oxygenator has a transverse flow path with a circular profile. Transverse flow minimizes surface contact area while achieving low blood side pressure drop. The circular profile eliminates corners where low flow and stagnation are known to occur. It reduces velocity changes at the inlet where low flow and stagnation can occur. Filling vanes help even filling and even flow distribution across the membrane. The Nautilus™* Intelligent ECMO Module of this first oxygenator with integrated monitoring has the ability to improve long-term gas transfer while providing real-time device performance data accessible through an intuitive touchscreen.

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Concerto™ nylon helical


Concerto™ nylon helical


Concerto™ nylon helical


Concerto™ PGLA helical


Concerto™ PGLA helical


Concerto™ PGLA helical


Concerto™  PGLA 3D


Concerto™  PGLA 3D


Abre™ Venous Self-expanding Stent System


Abre™ Venous Self-expanding Stent System


Abre™ Venous Self-expanding Stent System


Launcher® Guide Catheter 


Launcher® Guide Catheter 


Launcher® Guide Catheter 


Launcher® Guide Catheter 


Launcher® Guide Catheter 


EverFlex™ Protege Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System 


EverFlex™ Protege Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System 


EverFlex™ Protege Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System 


EverFlex™ Protege Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System 


EverFlex™ Protege Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System 


EverFlex™ Protege Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System 


EverFlex™ Protege Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System 


EverFlex™ Protege Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System 


EverFlex™ Protege Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System 


Protégé RX™ Peripheral and Carotid Stent System 


SpiderFX™ Embolic Protection Device 


SpiderFX™ Embolic Protection Device


ClosureFast™ Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation Catheter


ClosureFast™ Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation Catheter


ClosureFast™ Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation Catheter







Patients with acute kidney injury and fluid overload deserve urgent and reliable care. Solutions like Carpediem™ cardio-renal pediatric dialysis emergency machine manage to respond to the most fragile patient populations thanks to meticulous innovation. 

Carpediem™ Cardio-Renal Pediatric Dialysis Emergency Machine

Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) is provided for pediatric patients with acute kidney injury and fluid overload between 2 and half to 10 kilograms. For the first time, babies who get acute kidney injury (AKI) and fluid overload (FO) can be treated with a dialysis system that has been specially designed for them.  The Carpediem™ system which is the first of its kind offers a extracorporeal CRRT special for patients with low weight and responds to the needs of the most fragile patients. 

Newborn acute kidney injury (AKI) and fluid overload are situations that frequently cause morbidity and mortality and that are not well-known. The clinical data obtained from the the Carpediem™ system EU Registry show a survival rate of 97% at the end of treatment. Not only can the fluid balance be closely monitored, but also the use of small catheter sizes can be enabled. It ensures necessary and adequate spreading clearance while reducing blood cell and blood vessel damage.

The Carpediem™ system is a device that is indicated for patients who has acute kidney injury, or who has fluid overload and require hemodialysis or hemofiltration therapy and who are 2 and half – 10 kilograms in weight. The general contraindications for extracorporeal renal replacement therapies include but are not limited to the following: hemodynamic instability, contraindication to appropriate anticoagulation and low thrombocyte count.

The details of the Carpediem™ can be listed as follows:

  • IV pole holder
  • Warning light
  • Control panel
  • Clip for effluent (EEF) pump segment
  • Effluent (EFF) scale
  • Infusion/dialysis (INF/DIA) scale
  • Venous pressure transducer (Dome)
  • Effluent (EFF) pump
  • Heparin pump
  • Filter holder 
  • Venous drip chamber holder
  • Clip for the infusion/dialysis (INF/DIA) pump segment
  • Blood leakage detector (BLD)
  • Air sensor
  • Infusion/dialysis (INF/DIA) pump
  • Blood pump
  • Arterial pressure transducer (Dome)
  • Pre-filter pressure transducer (Dome)
  • Venous electroclamp
  • Clip for infusion/dialysis (INF/DIA) line if a warmer is used
  • Clip for venous line
  • Warmer holder

Clearum™ HS Series High Flux Dialyzer

It is a high flux dialyzer for toxin filtration during acute or chronic hemodialysis therapies. The Clearum™ HS series high flux dialyzer offers surface areas ranging from 1.3 – 2.2 sqm. This hemodialysis filter balances diffusion and convection with a high-flux membrane to support blood toxin removal and retention of proteins.

The Clearum™ HS dialyzers are biocompatible and high flux standard hemodialysis (HD) dialyzers. The Clearum™ HS dialyzers promote the removal of toxins and retention of critical proteins in order to ensure safe and effective treatment. The Clearum™ HS dialyzers; offers a semi-permeable membrane made of Polyethersulfone /Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PES/PVP) materials. The optimized dialysis performance ensures biocompatibility and safety. The packaging density and membrane hydrophilicity of the Clearum™ HS dialyzers which are designed to help offer effective treatments ensure efficient lining and adequate air discharge. The benefits of polypropylene are also effective in reducing the global carbon footprint by 60 percent compared to polycarbonate. Up to 95 percent of the water and solvent used during fiber production is recyclable to reduce environmental waste.

The packaging density and membrane hydrophilicity of the dialyzers help obtain efficient lining and adequate air. The Clearum HS dialyzers have been made of polypropylene to help reduce the weight of the dialyzer. Its fiber material and structure; have the properties of hollow fiber bundle, balanced packaging density and capillary undulation, diffusion via concentration gradient, capillary inner lining and smooth potting surface.

During dialysis treatment, blood flows through the extracorporeal circuit and enters the hollow fiber bundle and:

  • Removes highly concentrated toxic substances.
  • Re‑establishes the electrolyte balance.
  • Removes excess plasma water.
  • Useful proteins like albumin are preserved.
  • Medium molecular weight toxins like myoglobin and B2M are removed. 

Medtronic’s goal is to improve renal care with innovative design. Dialysis is a process that has a unique set of challenges. Vascular access is of critical importance for the treatment and it is vulnerable to coagulation and infection, which are some of the main reasons for catheter dysfunction. Medtronic pioneers this process by offering clinical solutions. Acute, chronic and peritoneal dialysis catheters have been designed to improve flow rates, reduce the risk of coagulation, increase patient comfort and to ensure ease of use for clinicians. Medtronic catheters; help meet the clinical demands of treating patients who need hemodialysis, apheresis, infusion, central venous pressure monitoring and high pressure contrast injection.

The Palindrome™ symmetric tip dialysis catheter has a unique symmetric tip and the laser-cut side slots reduce the formation of coagulation by decreasing debris attachment in addition to minimizing the possibility of circulation and location blockage.

The MAHURKAR™* Chronic Carbothane™* catheter is a reliable, long-term dialysis that ensures constantly high flow rates with low venous and arterial pressures. The Carbothane™* material structure provides superior kink resistance and facilitates the simple single-insertion technique.

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