Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health, Inc.; is a pharmaceutical distributor, a global medical and laboratory product manufacturer and distributor and a performance and data solutions provider for health facilities whose headquarters is situated in Dublin, Ohio.

Cardinal Health assumes the function of being a significant connection between the clinical and operational aspects of healthcare services by offering databased insights and end to end solutions that develop healthcare services and improves lives everyday. It manages to make connections throughout the duration of care with profound partnerships, different perspectives and innovative digital solutions.

Cardinal Health – T.E.D Anti-Embolism Stockings

Within this scope, Cardinal Health provides services to approximately 90% of the USA hospitals, to over 60,000 USA pharmacies and over 10,000 specialist offices and clinics. It also offers healthcare products to over 46,000 homes for over 3.4 million patients. Cardinal Health; helps healthcare services, providers and health systems improve patient results throughout the duration of the continuity of the care.


Cardinal Health; offers an industrial expertise that increases quality, manages costs and reduces complexity and an expanding, reliable and effective portfolio of products. With its reliable regulatory experience, its insights and its infrastructure, it helps the manufacturing and supplying of value-oriented products that meet the demand for comprehensive healthcare services solutions.


A Differentiating Force that Adds Value to the Healthcare Field With the Cardinal Health Supplier Diversity 


Cardinal Health is a brand that dedicates itself to diversity in the supplier base. It believes that diversity is a differentiating force for our institution and our customers and therefore it embraces the development and encouragement of strategic business relations with big and small enterprises with many different features.


Thus, it seeks suppliers that not only add value to the brand, but also have the same standards and values as Cardinal Health.  Cardinal Health is striving to achieve the following via diverse supplier relationships:


  • Offer extraordinary, customer-oriented, diverse supplier solutions that meet or exceed expectations,
  • Establish the diverse suppliers that are the best in their class and integrate them into the supply chain,
  • Offer maximum and applicable prices to diverse suppliers with the purpose of competing for business,
  • Guide and improve diverse suppliers for additional opportunities,
  • Support sustainability by expanding the economy by means of creating employment and expanding the business.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Cardinal Health is a brand that embraces differences to obtain the best results. This; is also the best and most reasonable thing to do. Using the power of diversity, equity and inclusion provides a competitive business advantage for Cardinal Health.


The brand carries out its activities with the belief that it has about having the responsibility to do its best in order to make a positive difference in the lives of its employees, customers, partners and societies. This responsibility begins by; making the principle of diversity, equity and inclusion the foundation of each step taken. Constantly focusing on the principle of diversity, equity and inclusion will allow the brand to perform better, render the brand more innovative, and make sure that it resolves issues in a faster and more creative manner.

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