About Us

Onno Medical was established in 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey due to an increase in foreign trades in the healthcare sector.

We have been providing internationally-recognized medical devices to its customers worldwide.

Since 2007 Onno Medical has created a valid and active suppliers network of over 600 suppliers from 5 different continents. The company’s supply is spearheaded by the Turkish team located in the Istanbul Headquarters and managing 2 Warehouses.

During 15 years of work the company has built stable and reliable relations with more than 750 Actual and Potential customers. Main task of the company is generating new leads and convert leads to actual customers. 

Our Mission

We deal with the trade of medical devices, specializing in disposable medical products which are manufactured by internationally-known manufacturers.

Our Vision

Using our knowledge and experience, we hope to widen our business territory by targeting multiple locations simultaneously worldwide.




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